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Five Secure helping to protect you against Bullying


A bullying survey carried across the UK IN 2014 is is the most comprehensive report into bullying of young people in the UK. The survey was carried out, over 3600 people from 13 to 18 years.


The key findings:

  • 45% of young people experience bullying before the age of 18.
  • 26% of those bullied have experienced bullying on a daily basis.
  • 40% of respondents reported being bullied for personal appearance 36% reported being bullied for body shape, size and weight.
  • 30% have never told anybody that they are being bullied.
  • 51% were not satisfied with the bullying support they got from teachers.
  • 34% reported being bullied for prejudice based reasons (homophobia/ racism/religious discrimination/ disability discrimination/ cultural discrimination/ transphobia.
  • 63% of respondents with physical disability were bullied and more extremely socially excluded.
  • 61% of respondents have been physically attacked.
  • 10% have attempted to commit suicide as a result of bullying.
  • 10% of respondents reported been sexually assaulted.
  • 83% said bullying had a negative impact on their self esteem.
  • 56% said bullying had seriously affected their studies.


The sectors under this heading are:

  • School Children
  • Teachers
  • Teaching Assistants
  • Kitchen Staff
  • Dinner Ladies
  • Playtime Assistants
  • Nursery Nurses
  • Nursery Assistants


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* data from the Office of National Statistics and other reputable sources


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