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Five Secure protects you and your Social Care Staff from verbal and physical attack


Social care staff are at a relativity high risk of assault than any other occupational groups. Most social care and support staff will encounter violence or threat in their work at some point.

There were 654,000 incidents in 2010/11 comprising of assaults and threats. A survey by Unison in Scotland October 2012 found that care workers faced twice the national average risk of assault.


The sectors under this heading are:

  • Social Workers
  • Support Workers
  • Office Receptionists
  • Care Workers
  • Community care Workers
  • Occupational Therapists
  • Specialist Home care Assistants
  • Childrens Homes Staff


For all your Social Care Staff & Lone Worker Safety requirements in UK make Five Secure your first choice. Call us today: 024 7666 3286


* data from the Office of National Statistics and other reputable sources


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