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The FiveSecure Ltd StaffWatch System was created to minimise risk when staff are faced with confrontational, offensive, abusive or violent customers in the work place.

Now introducing the new improved StaffWatch with added features and improved performance for even better security and protection of staff and customers.

Early diffusion of a potentially volatile situation may prevent it turning into a crisis.

The FiveSecure StaffWatch is the first line of defence for your staff when situations become hostile.

At the push of a button your staff receive live back-up from the FiveSecure monitoring support team who can help assess the situation, distract the offender helping disrupt the focus of their intention and contact the Police and Paramedic before situations get out of hand.

The current corporate manslaughter law has placed great responsibility on management to provide protection and support for their staff where situations can arise which place them in danger or expose them to violence and intimidation.

As well as providing a deterrent against troublemakers the FiveSecure StaffWatch has also provided to help reduce shoplifting, with some stores having a reported 30% decrease in losses.

With the installation of the FiveSecure StaffWatch volatile situations can be defused and violent situations can be limited and reduced.







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