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Five Secure protects NHS Employees and Health Workers against verbal and physical attack


Unprecedented amount of attacks against staff

These include:

  • 116,000 reported attacks (both verbal and serious physical assaults)
  • Over half were verbally abused by a member of the public or patient in last twelve months
  • 23% of staff suffered either threat of violence or were actually physical attacked
  • 80% of nursing staff in mental health units experienced violence or threatening behaviour
  • 38% subsequently suffered from work related stress
  • Only one fifth report verbal or physical abuse due to lack of evidence


It is widely recognised that lone working staff within this group face increase risks because they do not have the immediate support of colleagues or others such as security staff.

Who’s at risk:

  • Ambulance personnel, paramedics or emergency responders
  • Patient transport services
  • Receptionists working alone in a clinic reception area
  • Community mental health workers and outreach workers
  • Community psychiatric nurses and occupational therapists
  • GPs in a single practics
  • Dentists and dental receptionists
  • Opticians
  • Hospital porters and security staff


For all your Personal Protection & Lone Worker Safety requirements in UK make Five Secure your first choice. Call us today: 024 7666 3286


* data from the Office of National Statistics and other reputable sources


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